Mary's Mission House came about as a miracle of God. It is the fruit of a promise God gave to Lee Anne, and a mandate to open up "a house for people with no place to go." 

Neither a homeless shelter, nor a place for temporary housing, it is rather a place for the most hopeless of cases, of healing for the broken. It is a home for the spiritually homeless, a place of the spiritual works of mercy. 

(e.g. priests going through crisis in their vocation or burnout, people experiencing trouble in their marriage, seeking freedom from addiction, people who don't know where else to turn...)

The Fr. Fernando Suarez, MMMP Memorial Room is suitable for a stay of one night, or perhaps a week/weekend retreat

the nations

(Psalm 2:8)

to God be the glory

Heart Two Heart Ministries also follows a mandate to preach and teach the Gospel of love and forgiveness to the nations of the earth. 

They carry a special anointing of the Father's love and the life in the Holy Spirit, and have ministered to many priests and religious, as well as laypeople. 

They prayerfully discern each invitation. 


All information on, and/or services rendered through this website are for the sole purpose of Christian education. 

Ad majorem Dei gloriam

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