The Angel of Destruction

The Angel of Destruction Recently, I received in prayer about the Angel of Destruction. I saw in the Spirit an image of what looked like a girl with black hair, kind of jagged-like, with the word DESTRUCTION written over her. At first, I thought it was someone we know, but felt the Lord say, no, it is the Angel of Destruction. I felt He led me into a teaching about this- the Angel of Destruction is, in fact, a demon, and was one of Lucifer’s highest angels in heaven. Together with Lucifer, this angel and the rest of the soon-to-be-demons talked against the plans of God to send His Anointed One, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, who would take on human flesh. These angels thought that human beings, who were created after them, should serve them, the higher beings. God had it so that angels would actually serve human beings (as Christ would dwell within the believers, cf Hebrews 1). As I was wondering if any of this was biblical, I felt the Lord showed me that when anyone in the Bible speaks against the Lord’s anointed servants the prophets, usually the Angel of Destruction is allowed to attack, and destroy them. Pharaoh talked against Moses, the anointed of God, and resisted the plan of the Holy Spirit. He got ten plagues and yes, the Angel of Death, the Angel of Destruction even took the life of his son. Truly, an angel of God would not kill and destroy in this manner- but God could allow the activity of a fallen angel, a demon, if the person has lost his or her protection. It is part of the sin against the Holy Spirit to talk against the Lord’s anointed servants! When the Philistines spoke against Samson, eventually God allowed most of them to be killed in Samson’s last act. When the Pharisees and Sadducees called Jesus a servant of Satan in Matthew 9:34, later their beloved Temple, even their entire city was destroyed! As Jesus said, “one stone will not be left upon another.” (Matthew 24:2) The Pharisees and Sadducees aren’t around to tell the tale today! It’s not that God wants to destroy- that is what Satan came to do. Christ came that we might have life! (both John 10:10) However, if we speak or act against one of God’s people, by our own free will we place ourselves outside of God’s protection, which can only be gained again by repentance and grace! Interestingly enough, in the last part of the vision I saw the Lord show me about the Goth movement in the 90’s. While rock’n’roll was not innocent in its origins in the 50’s, it was not totally satanic. The occult and satanism did not enter into the rock music scene until many artists began to sing and speak (and act, of course) against God and His Church. Bono of U2, a professed Christian, was quoted in an interview as saying that there was a time in rock’n’roll history where you weren’t cool if you weren’t singing about Satan. All of our actions, whether good or evil, can open up a “portal” for either God and His angels, or Satan and his, to act. When music artists began speaking and singing against God, a portal was opened for the Angel of Destruction to take the youth, which manifested in a big way in the 90’s Goth movement. Strangely enough, when I saw the demon, it looked like a girl caught up in goth. We recall from the Scriptures that when King Solomon turned to the occult, his ministry and heritage was attacked by the Angel of Destruction. God “sent” an angel from hell to torment Saul (1 Samuel 16:14) when he disobeyed the prophet Samuel, and tried to kill the anointed king, David, who himself said he would never touch the Lord’s anointed. (1 Samuel 24:7) When we follow the Lord and His ways, and “love one another” (John 13:34) as He loves us, we are protected. But, if we speak against others and their ministries, you better watch out. (Psalm 105:15) “Touch not the Lord’s anointed.” Look what happened to those who came against Elijah! (1 Kings 18:40) There are people who quenched the Holy Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:19) by attacking (by gossip, slandering, etc.) or hindering Spirit-filled ministries. God have mercy on those people! Lord, preserve us from the Angel of Destruction by teaching us to love and honour all people, especially God’s anointed servants! Remove the gossip, slander and resistance to the movement of the Holy Spirit from Your Church! In the Father’s Love, Daniel Devine III, M. Div Heart Two Heart Ministries, Inc. +++

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